SandPlay Therapy

Nurture your mind with great thoughts

Sandplay therapy is an effective, hand’s on, therapy that can support all kinds of life challenges.

It is suitable for all age groups and is a therapy where the client can express their deepest feelings, memories and traumatic experiences without the need to talk about them or explain them. This makes Sandplay the ideal therapy for helping those who may find talking therapy’s difficult.

It can often be used when someone has suffered trauma, neglect, or abuse in their lives that they wish to understand; to process and to work through when it is most too difficult, or impossible to express in words what they are feeling and experiencing.

In the Sandplay the client chooses miniature figures and places them into a sand tray creating scenes of miniature worlds that reflect the complexity of their inner thoughts, struggles, and challenges.

This then allows the client to process and re-work their experiences in a safe and protected space and help them achieve emotional healing.