Clay Therapy

Nurture your mind with great thoughts

As an advanced clay practitioner it never ceases to amaze me the power this natural ‘Earthy’ material can provide.

Using our hands for clay provides a tactile contact which is a very primal method of expression; it is the first form of communication we learn when we are born.

If you have experienced trauma then you may find it hard to make sense of, and process, what you have been through, clay can be a really effective therapy as no words are needed, the hands can become the voice of expression.

When life is full of anxiety and stress, the grounding touch of clay can bring a state of calm in the mind and the opportunity to express through this medium can help re-balance life and help lower levels of stress and anxiety being experienced.

Studies in mental health have recognised the therapeutic potential and impact of the use of clay for those suffering with depression. Self-expression through the art form of clay can help lower cortisol levels and bring about a sense of calmness and help you to find an inner peace.

Clay activities can be indoors or outdoors. The opportunity of participating in this outside in nature can greatly add to the therapeutic experience.

Clay Therapy can be used for people of all age groups from young children to older people living with dementia; families and groups as well as being suitable for all cultures and backgrounds.